Ispmanager 6 lite, pro, host documentation

Support stages

Support for ispmanager 6 lite (pro, host) is divided into three stages:

  • GA (General availability) — main support stage;
  • LTS (Long-term support) — limited support stage;
  • EOL (End-of-life) — support termination stage;

The duration of each stage is determined by the stages of the software life cycle for ispmanager 6 lite (pro, host).

Software life cycle

StageIspmanager installationSoftware updatesDocumentationTechnical supportStart
GA (current status)Standard installation process
  • New features development
  • Fixing errors and vulnerabilities
Provided and updated in full scopeSupport is providedQ2 2021
LTSStandard installation process
  • Improvements related to changes in legislation.
  • Fixing critical errors and vulnerabilities, except those related to unsupported versions of operating systems (OS). Read more about supported OS in Server requirements.
  • New features are not developed.
Provided and updated in full scopeSupport is providedN/A
EOLOnly with a special key or using the old installerNo new updates are released, including security updatesProvided in full scopeNot supportedN/A

Technical and advisory support

Technical and advisory support for ispmanager 6 lite (pro, host) is provided according to the Support rules.

Technical support is only available for:

  • the latest two stable versions of the product;
  • Intermediate beta versions of the product, to be released no earlier than the second-to-last stable version.

You can find information about the product versions on the ispmanager website.

We recommend to use a stable version of ispmanager.

Advisory support is provided for all versions of ispmanager 6 lite (pro, host) until the EOL stage.

Ispmanager company is not responsible for any possible threats to your network security caused by using an outdated version of ispmanager software.

Technical and advisory support for ispmanager 6 lite (pro, host) is provided only if the control panel is installed on a server with a supported operating system